What do architects do?

Week 1: My perception of what architects do.

When I hear the word architect, my initial thought is remarkable building. And almost every time, the image that pops  is a gorgeous wooden structured house surrounded by glass windows with complex angles here and there. The image of an architect  is not what I see first, but the creation of the architect. I’ll stare at that building and think of what the architect was thinking of. I think of how and why they build it in such a manner.

What I know is that an architect is there to execute a plan of building a building. They have the knowledge and skills and they have   access to all that is necessary to make a building. They arrange and hire contractors, designers, and other people that specialize in different areas.

Right above are the two paragraphs that I wrote in the beginning of this course (arch 100).  These couple paragraphs below is what I  know now and learned through out the course and this week is the last week of class.

Week 15: Update on my perception from week 1: what architects do.

This is an overview of what I learned about architects (spring semester).

Architects are the masters to execute plans when it comes to building a building, So as I look back at what I wrote on my perception in the first week of class,  it was some what right.What I didn’t know and what I learned in class and research was that there is more to architects than collaborating with designers, making plans, executing plans etc. And they don’t always have the access to all  that is necessary to make a building, but the skill of problem solving  comes in handy.

There are many types of personalities in the field of architecture. A great collaboration would have to mend together quite nicely or else things don’t work out right. Professionalism does the job, but it will not make a happy architect or client.

Architects are never the same. I learned  that the importance of finding your strength when it comes to design is crucial. Differentiating yourself from everyone else is a great way to succeed in this industry.

And lastly architects aren’t always in the site telling people what to do and what they should do. Most of their time is spent in their office.  Architects never have just one project, but multiple all at once.

The glitz and glamor of being an architect portrayed in television is never quite the same to the real life architect.  There is so much more to an architect than planning, sketching and executing, behind closed doors what really makes a difference is passion for the field.


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