My first post: a (mini) intro of me

I’m not much of a blogger, but I might reconsider blogging after taking this class Intro to Architecture 100 with Amily Huang.

Four weeks of class has passed and I have not started blogging and reflecting on our once a week class, which I felt poorly about. It wasn’t until this past Friday,  when our guest speaker Wes Wong, a young architect who spoke about his experiences on being a young architect, also  mentioned ” procrastination.” That made me realize and I thought to myself, “If I don’t give it my absolute best, I will not gain anything.” How he mentioned procrastination was exactly how I felt about it, that right after you go to school you go to work  and by the time you get home all you want to do is lay in bed and relax,not do your homework. Then I start  thinking how many people think this way, do they ever get anywhere with that type of mentality? The answer is obvious, therefore I will commit to this class and do a blog at least once a week or more.

I have changed my major from Child Development to Interior Design. This is my first  semester taking an architecture class and really considering becoming an interior designer. I have been told that I was creative, but I didn’t see myself that way until I thought about everything I liked and things I did in my free time. Thinking back when I was younger I did a lot of re-decorating of my family’s house at the time. When we moved from house to house what I would first get excited about was where I would place the furniture,  what will the space function as and of course make it pretty. My parents gave us that leisure to  do whatever we wanted to the house, which in return feed my creative side because I saw my imagination come to life. I thought interior designers did only one thing, which was make a place look beautiful. That was back then, now that I have read, researched, and now taking classes related to interior design, I know that an interior designer’s job is more complex than a person out of the profession might think. Its not only aesthetics that is important to a space it’s also the functionality, safety and how the person will feel in the space. Like the saying goes “there is more than meets the eye”.

So what do I hope to learn in taking Intro to Architecture 100 with Amily Huang? Well as described on the school site, “This course introduces students to the fundamental principles related to design of physical environments. Students will be introduced to an overview of the architecture and interior design fields, along with fundamental concepts and considerations inherent within them.” This is what exactly attracted me to take this class along with being an advised prerequisite on taking  Interior Design Studio 1.  On a serious note, I really do want to learn and get deeper into this industry and this class I believe is a great start.  The guest speakers that we have come in is a peak of the reality of the industry in the eyes of actual architects and designers. The field trip that we will be having I know is going to be an eye opener. And finally this blog, which is perfect because it is something we can reflect on outside of class and is essential part of learning. We, the students can look back on how and why we first even started, what our experiences were or it can simply inspire someone that is going the same direction.


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