Guiding Principles in Desiging Rooms

1. Break up space into 3 parts

3 parts  I think this image is an example of breaking a space into three parts. 

  The rectangular space is divided into: a living room area, a dining on the right, and on the left side corner is what I would describe as a small exploration area,  because of the telescope. Versus the bottom image, which consist of one big space.




Vs. big space









2. Blend elements of old and new to introduce time into space 

old and new brick interior

Brick walls, wood beams, a stainless steel sink, a modern counter top, clean lines, white walls, and dark wood floors gives this space an old, but modern feeling.

When the left side of this picture is covered the kitchen is modern because of the clean lines and the use of white on the counters, the stairs, and even on the wall of the stairs. Cover the right side and it exudes a 15th century look to the space. The use of bricks dates all the way back to 7000 B.C. which I feel is a perfect material to use on interiors and exteriors that want an old feel to their homes/buildings.


3. Use light and color to accent any space 


 The lighting in this image appears very soft even though there are several different types illuminating the space. Also it appears soft because of the  light colors white and beige.






lighting circular

 One big light source can sometimes feel really bright, but with this lighting and the use of a darker shades of beige, this space feels warm and inviting.





4. Frame nature into a designed space

japanese minimalist


Incorporating nature in interior space and furniture. Nature is all around us and it never goes out of style.





5. Repetition of elements help define space

repeating elements 3

 The repeating elements in this picture is the use of wood throughout the space such as the light fixture, the chairs, ceiling, and the frames of the large glass window.





6. Arrange hierarchy in space



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