Oakland Museum of California


The Ikebana Arrangement by Ting Zhang—–One of the many exhibits that i enjoyed observing.

My visit to the Oakland Museum of California was very much enjoyable even without company. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I came here. After I bought my ticket $10 for students, the gentleman also helped introduce the museum and showed me that there are couple different departments that could be visited. There are three:  gallery of California Natural Sciences,California History and California Art, which were all quite wonderful.

The images that are shown below are the images I used to identify some ordering principles, how light can frame a space and how transparency is used in the building.

An example of Symmetry





How light can frame a space


I was particularly amazed by how realistic this exhibit appeared. In my opinion it’s because of the use of raw materials, such as real rocks in different volumes. The faux terrain background and especially the lighting is what makes this exhibit look so realistic.


I appreciated this exhibit because of how much work it must have taken making this space feel warm and lived in. Showing how they lived back then in the 1850’s of a cabin home. The lighting is very dim and exudes warmth and coziness. The light coming from the door on the right back corner was a very nice touch, it made it seem like someone can be popping out from there. The exhibit was very detailed with all kinds of different materials. Image

The view of the outside from the Cafe with an interesting replica of a giant diamond? I would definitely say it’s a hierarchy to make this space less ordinary.

I surprisingly had a wonderful visit to the Oakland Museum of California and planning on a second visit with some company to enjoy and observe a second time or just enjoy the interactive activities they have in the museum.


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