Class Speaker: Wesley Wong


One of the speakers this semester was Wesley Wong a former student of CCSF in the architecture department and a graduate of University of California, Berkeley, and is now a designer at Joseph Chow and Associates.

He talked about understanding educational experience paths and what he went through as a former student in CCSF. He also talked about his experiences working as a professional in the Architecture Industry. Here are some points that caught my attention the most:

  • He mentions that its great to separate yourself from others by finding your strength.
  • Make sure to go to as many events (related to your field of work or explore others that are a bit different as well)
  • Join an organization: AIASF, NCARB, BAYA etc.
  • DON’T procrastinate
  • Take a business class (he says that if he knew as a student how important and beneficial a business class was in this industry he would have taken them in the beginning of his career)
  • Have a strategy for skill building
  • Learn the importance of time management
  • Make 3D Models (good or bad) as long as your progressing
  • Take a lot of notes 
  • Make a lot of reflections
  • Document EVERYTHING

What I take from his lecture about his experiences as a student and as professional architect is that you really have to know where you want to go in life. I think that exploring also is a big part, but having a plan/ goal with consistency to learn separates the people who will succeed.

My plans/goals is my next blog. I think it is really important as a beginner to make that step on anything, not just for a career but also in life in general.


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