Designing Green

In class about a week or two ago we discussed about sustainability and how important it is to design green.

These are the basic principles for designing green.

  • Build small, because it is still beautiful
  • East and West axis placement
  • South-facing glazing, reducing glazing on north and west sides

Overhangs overhangs

  • Thermal mass inside building envelope
  • High insulation values
  • Open airways to promote internal circulation
  • Tight construction to reduce air infiltration
  • Day lighting
  • Invest in any energy saving features
  • Make green more transparent


These are some homes that I think fit in the description of basic principles for designing green.

new zealand

Industrial container home in New Zealand


The “it” house in


Lighthouse, UK’s First Zero-Emission, Carbon Neutral Home

There are more green houses in this site, where I found these images above.

For me I think building a green homes is crucial to our planet, Our population is growing and in a rapid phase. The more we create a NOT so green homes the more we are hurting ourselves and the especially the planet. Also, just being aware of materials and things we buy can help us consume less stuff. I also ran across this video about consumption of “stuff” and I think it is a must see video for everyone ( If everyone would just be more conscious about buying  less stuff in general it would create a  movement and people would start to incorporate it in building green homes.







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