Elements of a City

There are many elements of a city but in this particular blog, it will be about paths, edges, districts, nodes and landmarks.

Paths, come in many different scale and design. For me paths can be a lot of fun if its is very detailed such as the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco. Paths that are detailed make the “journey” to the destination interesting and enjoyable to the eye. In most  cases it can be very inspiring.



Edges are views or pathways, but it is also meant to separate.


This image shows the edge where separation happens with the street and the water.



I think Treasure Island is one example of an Edge when it comes to a city element because it is an Island surrounded with edges and views.

A District is a way to categories a cities area of distinct characteristics, for example in San Francisco there are 25 districts which include:

Financial District– also known as the big corporation district, such as Gap, Charles Schwab and many more. The Fisherman’s Wharf a magnet to tourists, have all types of restaurants, from big chain companies like Rainforest Cafe to small vendors offering fresh catch of the day.

Nodes are places to obtain a certain information. A place to find out where to go from one place to another,  such as Train Station and Bart Station. It can also be Bus stops.



This bus stop caught my attention because of how it was designed to look like a a small cottage with wicker chairs and a soft yellow background. It would definitely stand out in San Francisco.


Landmarks are distinct places in a city  that are recognized by many people of the city and other people looking for leisure time. For example, in Fremont everyone knows where Mission Peak is and it is also now known to others because of a particular landmark. There are many trails leading up to this landmark, but once you get there you know you have reached all the way to the top. I would describe it at as a finish line. Once you get to the top you take a picture by the Pole for memory or to post on media and show to your friends that  you have accomplished Mission Peak.



Writing Elements of a City blog, made me think and look at a places a lot more different than I use to. I also thought about the architects and the designers that created a building or something that I have never noticed.Now, I’m more aware of Nodes, Districts, Paths, Edges and Landmarks. I took a stroll down Hayes Valley one day and started seeing  all  the elements that was mentioned. I know  It plays such a big part in creating and organizing a City.


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