Gensler In San Francisco

The visit to Gensler in San Francisco I thought was very inspiring. There is something about stepping foot in an actual Architecture Firm that sparks my imagination.

This would be my first time going inside an actual firm.

When you walk into Gensler, you are greeted by this heavy, but beautiful detailed doubled doors. You take the elevator up to the 2nd floor and it opens up to a big open space facing the windows (images is below). This area is very warm and welcoming with fresh flowers.It has a light feeling because of the different elements being used on furnitures such as wood, metal designed to look like branches that separates what looks like a dining table from the kitchenette.



Walking to the office space of Gensler seems like a set on a movie. People working on their projects on the computer and office desks There are sketches, charts, plans scattered on tables  and on the walls, but in an organized manner if that makes sense. There were also people inside a room with glass walls having a small meeting. It was surreal seeing all these designers and architect doing the work I would someday like to be doing. 


This photo below is a small cubical, I think it is a space for an individual to do some work, when they want a more private and quite area. Although it does not look like a place that is quite area because of the opening and open top, it is surprisingly quite once you step foot and sit on the comfy office chair. I think the reason for that is the material that was used. The red material felt very thick and somewhat hairy.


Overall it was a great and inspiring field trip for me because it gave me an insight of what designers and architects work place looks like.


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