Plans and Goals

As I light my scented candle and play my favorite Pandora station, I began to think more about my career. Something about watching a Netflix documentary that lightly sparks up my creativity, no matter what type of documentary it is, for some reason it only leads me to think about one major thing, my life long dream to become an Interior Designer. Thinking of being the best Interior Designer is a little too competitive for me, because I honestly believe that many can be equally amazing and that depends on their passion for it. I don’t want to be the best one, I just want to be great at what I do and love it. Yes, it’s cliche, but for some people finding that love in a career is a big part of why they are happy in life.

I’ve had many thoughts about what I can’t do and what I can do. As human beings everyone has their ways of best picking up information or in other words learning. I’ve learned in the past years that I’ve been in High School/ College ( I have been in college for quite some time now that you would think I would have a doctorates with all the time I spent in college) that my best way of learning an information is doing a physical activity or is also known as Kinesthetic learning juxtaposed to auditory, visual and read-write learners. I personally think knowing the more predominant style for your learning abilities could help out with finding your strength as a professional in Interior Design.

Anyway enough of my own philosophy. Here is my goal and my plan to reach that goal to become an Interior Designer.

Goal: Pass IDEX to become a certified Interior Designer

Plan: 2 years program in Ohlone College for the certificate.

The program

Requirements for Certificate of Achievement:

a) Complete Major Field courses as indicated below.
b) Complete at least six units at Ohlone College.
c) Maintain a 2.0 grade point average in Major Field Courses.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Identify, analyze, and evaluate design criteria and synthesize appropriate and creative design solutions.
2. Develop graphic, written, and verbal communication skills to illustrate design ideas and processes.


ART-104B 3D Design 3
ART-104C Color 3
ART-106A Descriptive Drawing 3
ART-108 Perspective Drawing 3
ID/ART-150A Interior Design Concepts 3
ID/ART-150B Interior Design 3
ID/ART-151 Visualization and Presentation 3
ID/ART-153 History of Decorative Arts 3
ID/ART-154 Contemporary Home Design OR 2
ID/ART-159A Applied Design: Residential Lighting AND (1)
ID/ART-159B Applied Design: Color for the Home (1)
ID/ART-155A Architectural Drafting for Interior Design 3
ID/ART-155B CAD for Interior Design 3
ID/ART-156 Architectural Modelmaking for Interior Design 3
ID/ART-157 Professional Practice for Interior Design 3
ID/ART-158 Textiles 3

ART-103A Survey of World Art History -Prehistoric Through 1300 C.E. OR 4
ART-103B Survey of World Art History-14th Century Through 20th Century (4)

Total Required Units: 45


After I have achieved getting a certificate and be more confident in what I know, I will apply for internships and find an organization that I can be passion about.



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