Visit to PG&E Center in San Francisco

PG&E was a surprisingly enjoyable field trip, I wasn’t as excited as knowing that in this class Arch 100 with Amily Huang we were going to Gensler one of the top architecture firm, but this place was delightful.

At first we had a lecture about all types of lighting. There was so many in that room, that if it was all lite it would probably be brighter than the sun.




light bulb

This light bulb stood out to me the most because I have never seen one this huge.

I learned how important lighting is to create an ambiance.


"the light room"

The two rooms that lighting can be changed and compared at the same time.

The lighting was changed several times to make different hues in the room or even make the skin look a certain color. I think this can be applied in movie sets.







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